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Strong reasons on why you should stop blogging today

Why to stop blogging


Nowadays with easy access to powerful blogging platforms, every traveler can easily create it’s own travel blog.

Basically, we don’t need to be an IT expert to start filling search engines with our unique and interesting content.

We buy a domain, install WordPress, get some powerful SEO plugins, write content and publish.

Read my page: How to Create a Travel Blog in 1 Hour.

Travel Blogging: How it all started

After the success of many famous travel bloggers that advertise how they quit their lousy job and start traveling, other people want to do the same.

Humans want to achieve personal freedom. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world constantly?

But, Socrates (one of the founders of Western philosophy – lived in the 4th century BC) demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery.

Meaning that if you depend on the Internet world and on the blogging industry, you are not free, neither you’re fully independent.

The truly free individual is the one that lives without depending on others.

Lao Tse

Well, at least until your blog gets enough money that you can employ a team to manage your blog. Yes, many famous bloggers out there have someone taking care of their social media accounts. Many even have their whole content written by professional writers.

But wait! Will professional bloggers be happy about their life?

Going out of one lousy job, to get yourself into another job?

I know many professional bloggers that end up depressed as like they had a “real job”. Why? Because they made their blogging activity and traveling a real job.

Plus, there are health issues related to computer usage:

  1. Sitting Kills You.
  2. Bad Posture Causes Pain.
  3. Repetitive Movements Cause Injuries.
  4. Staring At The Screen Causes Eye Strain.
  5. Emotional Pressure Cause Anxiety.
  6. Isolation Cause Depression.

Read more about: 5 Reasons Working With Computers Is Bad For You & How to Stay Healthy.

Making money with your blog

How to Create a Travel Blog in 1 hour – Step-by-step Tutorial
Making money with your blog

Most people today start blogging just to make money to travel. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice idea and a great life project.

I started blogging back in 2003. I did it awfully and in such an amateur way.

But you know what? I did it for the sake of sharing information to others and somehow motivate them to hit the road and explore the world.

But Blog! Write like if there’s no tomorrow. Share your travel thoughts and information not thinking on getting money, but for the pleasure of doing something you like.

Other websites to learn how to make money blogging

On this page I’m not trying to make you stay away from computer nor to stop sharing your adventures.

Yet I’m stating that we should blog less and live more. How we would be happier without worrying about virtual social media accounts and why you should never depend on anyone but yourself.

Instead of pursuing money, pursue your soul purpose. It's the quickest route to what you were born to do.
Instead of pursuing money, pursue your soul purpose. It’s the quickest route to what you were born to do.

Do you ask yourself often:

  1. Are We Becoming Too Dependent on the Internet?
  2. How to Stop Depending on the Internet and Take Control Over Your Lifestyle.
  3. How to Stop Spending Too Much Time Online.

Life is not about depending on others to make you happy. It’s about doing whatever makes yourself happy.

So now I ask you:

Are you blogging for others? For money? Or just because you love it?

I now give you 20 reasons why you should stop blogging.

What is not healthy?

  1. spending 10 hours in front of the computer screen is not healthy.
  2. sitting down the whole day is not healthy.
  3. worrying about how many followers you have is not healthy.
  4. having a set goal of achieving thousands of followers is not healthy.
  5. thinking about what kind of post you will write while visiting a place is not healthy.
  6. media exposure augments your ego, and can make you think you’re better than others and you can develop a narcissist attitude.

 Computer and Internet Addiction

Internet or Computer Addiction

Read the full article: Computer and Internet Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects

One of the largest pieces of research to date on the subject – involving almost 800,000 people – found that, compared with those who sat the least, people who sat the longest had a:

  • 112% increase in risk of diabetes.
  • 147% increase in cardiovascular events.
  • 90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events.
  • 49% increase in death from any cause.

Computer usage is making us lazier, less active and more dependent.

Read the full article: Why sitting too much is bad for your health.

How to improve your health after sitting too many hours?

  1. Take frequent breaks, at least 5 minutes per hour.
  2. Walk around and stretch during your breaks.
  3. Get a standing desk and spend part of your day working while standing upright.
  4. Exercise before or after work.

Reasons why you should stop blogging today

  1. Listen to music – remember sitting down, switching your hi-fi audio system and listen to music? Yes, just that.
  2. Read paper books – remember when you used to read one or two books weekly? When the feeling of swiping pages with the tip of your fingers used to feel great. When you get to the middle of the book getting all excited the end of it was near?
  3. Watch a movie on a real TV – remember when you used to watch movies in your cozy couch? When you had almost a kind of ceremony and when the whole world stopped just because it was movie time? Remember we actually used to say watching too much TV was bad for us? Well, how bad is to watch movies on the computer screen like we do now? At least TV was 2 or 3 meters away from our eyes.
  4. Get together with your friends – remember hanging out with your friends on the street? Just having fun, playing cards, or watching people pass.
  5. Make real friends – remember how you had tons of friends that you used to appoint meetings with them? When instead of chatting on Facebook you used to meet them in real life?
  6. Write on paper – remember the pleasure of having callus on your finger? The sense of achievement that you actually wrote too much on thay day. Write your stories and share your ideas with the paper.
  7. Sit down and enjoy silence and slow life – remember when you used to close your eyes, breath deep and… think about nothing? Try to close your eyes now without thinking about your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook account.
  8. Making out – remember having enough time that you could actually stay kissing your loved one? Wasting time on the computer takes important things away from your life. I pretty much mean laying down on the living room or garden on intense making out sessions kissing your partner.
  9. You’ll spend part of your life on social media – if you spend an average of 2 hour per day promoting your blog on SM, you’ll get 730 hours per year. This will make you waste 1 full month of a precious year of your life cracking your head to get followers, sharing, engaging others, being noticed. Do you think I’m exaggerating and that 2 hours per day is too much? Well… how many full days have you spend on it? From 9 am until 5pm? That’s 8 hours right away.
  10. Ride your bicycle – remember you used to go out Saturday and Sunday morning riding your bicycle?
  11. Play music – remember you use to spend hours playing the guitar or playing the piano? Do people actually do this nowadays? I mean, as a hobby?

Cleanse yourself.

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